Did Lucky seriously dress up as a demon mummy? from Sunxuemei's blog

Did Lucky seriously dress up Animal Crossing Items as a demon mummy? lol. And also the one horse is dressed like a cat. A couple of others dressed as devils,in his position, I'd dress up as something totally unrelated to mummies and feign ignorance such as"what? I really don't know what the problem is. You wear a costume, so here I am!"

I am pretty certain the moldy dress comes from the recycle bin.Ah, I think you're thinking of this Torn Trousers. They do not have a hole in the pant leg like the other ones do. All I could find was the moldy dress, though. Am I overlooking it? Haha

Should they expand on farming and add in cooking too, that are the best time to add Brewster. My fantasy is for him to conduct the cafe while I get to cook/serve food to the villagers based on their tastes. Kind of like the way we had to take their java orders but rather Brewster does that and also we do food.

Happy to find the chef's hat for another update. It is my hope that this results in more food related furniture. I'd like that damn ice cream case that has been in New Leaf.A restaurant/cafe would be pretty awesome in any village because that's usually one of those things people use an excess villager's home to do. Insert a cooking miniature game and devotion.

They most likely don't want to have two"large" features for any given update so that one is about Halloween and another might be Brewster because there is not any significant vacation in November. Then December is Christmas. January is marginally empty too (not sure about Japan though) therefore there is a chance Brewster may come then.

November is thanksgiving. December is Christmas. January is fresh year. February is Buy Nook Miles Ticket valentine's. We have a lot of forthcoming holidays with unique characters.February may also have that one festival with Pavé!

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