Ability to defeat 2 some-what hard lvl 270 God disciples from Weismart's blog

Summary: You have stored Runescape on OSRS gold multiple account and you've done a great deal of tasks. Today it's time for the most difficult quest of your Runescape life. In this quest you'll fight two from the three of those gods disciples (what disciples you fight Depends upon the god you choose to group with)

You Have to complete the following quests: Desert treasure, Cabin Fever, Ghosts Ahoy, Fremmenik Trials, Between a Rock, Darkness of Hallowvale, Druidic Ritual, Enakhra's Lament, Family Crest, Garden of Traquility, Fairytale Part 2, Horror From The Deep,Legends, Monkey madness, One Little Favour, Recipe For Disaster, Roving Elves, A Souls Bane, Tai Bwo Wannai Trio, Zogre Flesh Eaters, Waterfall Quest, Watchtower.

Ability to defeat 2 some-what hard lvl 270 God disciples. Quest Points Rewarded: 5 (yes it is that long and challenging ). Reward: Specific weapon to your god you have chosen (guthix flail, saradomin sword, or zammorak warhammer/or battleaxe), 30k exp for every ability, the god's whim staff(to sew u should have 70 att, 70 def, 70 str, 65 mage, 65 ranged, and 50 prayer)

Tems wanted: 10 agility baskets, 5 mithril bars, 7 gold bars, 10 sapphires, 10 emeralds, 10 rubys, 4 red topaz, 4 silver bars, 5 diamonds, 10 ranarr weeds, 20 noted prayer baskets for action, 50 noted swordfish, 75 noted lobsters, 250 pure character, hammer, chisel, saw, 5 boards (regular), 10 teak planks, 5 oak planks, slayer's staff, COMPLETED God Book, Chosen god's staff, 100 of all elemental runes, rake, spade, watering can(6), 5 weeds, 50k coins, magical bow, 100 steel figurines, 5 molten glass, 10 seaweed, green d'hide, gloomy d'hide, 5 snakeskin, 5 leather, 10 hard leather, 5 bow strings, knife, waterskins, glassblower, 2 magician bomb's, 3 lvl 3 Fragrant runes, Tele Runes is an edge, ALOT OF FOOD, REALLY GOOD ARMOR, also arbitrary items needed for most of the quest, Vial of water, ALOT of Prayer pots for conflict.I attempt runesape three decades back. Then my buddy say"Lets visit oldschool one". So I move it there, leaving this account behind. After three years (So now) I log in again and again begin actualy play. When I first log in cheap RS gold I clicked on box"Your accont is muted" and begin enjoying (I dont understood what tha box signifies yet).

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By Weismart
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