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Barrows objects are dropped, on average, 1:15 iirc. These items range from OSRS gold just like 50K to 1.7M currently. Plenty of things are round the 1M mark and below, few are over 1M. So let us say 1M every 15 runs - this account for runes and the like, too. Barrows is quite cheap and you end up with a lot of blood/death runes spare if you utilize Polypore (which you should).

Truly you can earn more money at Glacors. However there are a couple of drawbacks - Glacors pose a far higher chance of dying. Truly, it's not that hard to remain alive, but Barrows is a joke because department tongue.png Secondly, if you are unlucky, you are not earning money.

Back in Barrows, while items on average could be 700k/piece or something, you are also raking in a fair bit of cash from runes. My last barrows series, I received about 6M value in barrows equipment. Then I looked at my runes, and those were a few 2.5M. Thus you are constantly making profit, whereas using Glacors it is very easy to lose money until you get a boot fall or enough shards for an Armadyl Battlestaff.

Your decision, I like Barrows because it's simpler. Other gold? Really, Barrows is the only semi-rewarding, non-mind-numbing action that provides a fairly certain income. I advise that over the majority of other stuff. Otherwise I'd work towards quests as much as cheap RuneScape gold you can.

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By Weismart
Added Feb 24



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