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Dragon defender over dfs cuz of OSRS gold all atk bonuses. Considering that ur low on cash expl ringzerker, since the pray bonus lowers the amount of ppots used. . Torags have almost two times more defence (Iirc, its the best defence armour in game). . Finest part? Its frikkin sexy! Should you spend 9m to repair torags, u can use them both for a total of 843.75 hrs. (over enuff time to max melee and maximum slayer)... Thats almost the very best shizzle ur gont get. .

It costs less if you use an armour stand at ur house. I don't see why you don't want to utilize them. If you do not care about looks then you (really are a sad homo) can acquire Veracs skirt to go with torags body. . Same def bonus because torags thighs, albeit more costly and has prayer bonus, so u can use it to get slayer when u dont need to pray protect prayers. Dfs is only helpful for tanking bosses or in pvp actions, as drag def is a lot better due to the epic atk bonuses.

The exact same general idea applies for its platelegs, except that Dragon platelegs are a lot cheaper. But how much does it cost to fix (convenience of fix isn't an issue as there are NPCs from Lumbridge, Khazard, Burthorpe, Void Knight Outpost, and you can also do it in your house)?

It prices 90,000 every 15 hours. Less if you are doing it in your home and you actually have a moderate smithing level (50, for instance, will make it cost ~ $70k). Let's round up and call that 100k, as we're rounding down the cost of Torag's into 300k not 340k. 86*15=1,290, that is the number of hours you would have to be fighting with cheap RS gold this (not just wearing it) before you spent as much on it as you would a dragon platebody.

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By Weismart
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